When shooting for editorial or advertising purpose, the aim is the same: to catch the essence of the subject. Finding the right points of view, waiting for the light to come, standing by for the models to be in the right place… until the unexpected arises. In regards to the interiors, the willing is to highlight the atmosphere created by the alchemy of the designer’s artistic skills and the know-how of the craftsmen, thus by playing with light and shadow, like in real life.
These images are shot either for the builders, the owners, management companies or sometimes orders come from architects or interior designers, for some others we have been directly assigned by magazines.

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Since 2013

our photographs are shot with two Pentax medium format cameras. Working in medium format sets a higher standard of quality, as long as properly used.
The size of the image (44 x 33mm sensor - native format 70 x 52 cm at 300 dpi!) is an important factor in professional photography. Resolution plays a smaller role in the overall image quality of any system compared to the size of the sensor, which is a much larger part of the equation. Larger, it offers a better overall picture quality, thanks to a better noise management, a better dynamic and better colours. So the better the mood is and better will the depth be rendered. The results are a quality of details, gradients and colours that provide a breathtaking effect on giant prints.
Nicolas Claris is:
- Member of the Union des Photographes Professionnels
- Member of the French Federation of Nautical Industries (Superyachtfrance, leader and then director from 2007 to 2014)
- Member of the International Superyacht Society
See his personal website.