Highlighting the particular aspect of each work, revealing its function and aesthetics. Finding the correct angles, beautifying yet not betraying the subject, waiting for the right light and the right shadows to reveal the volumes. Making sure to enhance the atmosphere created by the alchemy of the designer's artistic skills and the craftsmen's know-how, playing with natural light and shadows as in real life. Until the unexpected occurs…

To frame is yet to choose, including or excluding, understanding the architect's intent, the articulation of the different volumes, to be steeped in the function of each of the designed elements. To translate this philosophy one must also bring one's own vision and be both the vector of the architect's thoughts and the witness, the eye of the passer-by, or those of the user, of the inhabitant.
Being both the one who sees and the one who passes on the vision

Projects follow-up… From start to finish, following regularly the sequence of building or reconstruction to testify where it came from. Understanding and share the incredible forces involved to achieve the desired result. It also allows to communicate throughout the process and it provides a dive into the heart of knowledge, skills and investments put in place.

Photography : Nicolas Claris, Video : Romain Claris
A film by Romain Claris. 

Many thanks for their confidence to: 
Alen Yacht
Ballande & Meneret
Bénéteau - Nauta Design
Calliope - Rhoades Young Design
Château Angélus
Château Clinet
Château de Reignac
Château Haut-Bailly
Château Léoville Barton - Barton Family Wines
Château Prieuré-Lichine
CNB Yacht Builders - Andrew Winch , Luca Brenta / Lorenzo Argento, Piaton et Associés, Wetzels Brown Partners
Edifices in Japan and Switzerland - Tadao Ando
Guggenheim Bilbao - Franck Gehry
Hôtel Marquès de Riscal - The Luxury Collection - Franck Gehry
La Cité du Vin
Lady B - Rhoades Young Design
Lagoon - VPLP, Nauta Design
Maaf Odyssée - Hobo architecture
House in Austria/Apartment in Paris - Wetzels Brown Partners
House at Leman lake - Olivier Dain Perspectives
Tinguély Museum- Mario Bota
Ronan by Clinet
Teshima Art Museum - Ruye Nishizawa et Rei Naito
Vignobles K - Château Tour Saint-Christophe